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Ammonite Pieces From my studio 2021

ammonite fossil

Over the years of going to gem and mineral trade shows, I’ve collected many fossils. By far my favorite ones are #ammonites 😍
This week I’m going through my fossils and setting them..I love how these two turned out!
I set the large one, (for sure a statement piece!) with sterling silver prongs to show the whole fossil off more and set the smaller ammonite with a sterling silver textured backplate to really set it off.
😊Both would look amazing worn during your next online meeting!
❤️Both necklaces are for sale... so message me if you are interested in one!❤️
I have several more #ammonite fossils ready to set, in a few sizes, so please message me if you are interested in a piece for yourself 🤩
Some interesting info for metaphysical use...
ammonites, with their spiral shape, are symbols of #change and #positive motion. The spiral draws in negative energy, filtering it through the chambers and releasing fresh, positive #energy...
We could all use that in2021!
AMMONITE FOSSIL background...
Ammonites became extinct 65 million years ago, roaming the oceans as far back as 200 million years ago! These sea creatures are #fossilized relatives of the chambered #nautilus shell.
The name "ammonite" was inspired by the spiral shape of the fossilized #shells, which somewhat resemble tightly coiled rams' horns. It is believed the name derived from the Greek God Ammon, who is typically depicted with rams' horns. 
Ammonite Necklaces

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